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      Vatican Van Aaken Meme 2 Tone Sticker


      Vatican Van Aaken Meme 2 Tone Sticker



      A brand new Vatican Van Aaken Meme 2 Tone Sticker / Decal for any wall, window, toolbox, car, tractor, truck or panel. With Praise the Lowered (lord) as the tagline.

      High-quality original artwork cut on premium-grade vinyl.

      Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

      The “Size” option is for the length as indicated by the arrow in the images.

      This sticker has no background. Only the chosen colour will remain once fitted.

      This sticker can be Reverse Cut for application to the interior of a window / glass for exterior viewing.


      Made in the UK with high-quality custom vector artwork cut on premium-grade vinyl film. All colours can be applied both indoors and outdoors as they are fully waterproof.

      Gloss colours are rated for 5-6 years of use.

      Matte colours are rated for 4-5 years of use.

      The Frosted / Etch effect colour is rated for 7 years of use.

      Our stickers do not rapidly fade to white as some low quality printed stickers can, as there is no white layer underneath. They are solid in colour all the way through.


      The stickers are die-cut so have no backgrounds. Whatever colour(s) you choose will be the only part that remains once fitted.

      All colours will have a gloss finish unless otherwise stated. e.g. “Matte Black”.

      The Frosted / Etch effect colour gives an etched window look when applied to glass. It is translucent so will allow some light to pass through it.

      We have access to over 100 colours. If you require a specific colour please contact us.

      Please note that actual colours may vary. This is because every device has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual colour may vary slightly from your display. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


      The “Size” option of the sticker will almost always be for the longest or largest side of the sticker. We also include an arrow in our images to indicate the “Size” option’s measurement.

      Please contact us if you need the other measurement for any of the available sizes, or have specific dimensions that the sticker must fit within.


      We offer a Reverse cut on most of our stickers. (Some 2 tone or multi-coloured stickers can not be made this way.)

      Reverse cut means the sticker is cut in reverse so that when it is fitted on the inside of a window or glass it can be viewed from the outside and will read correctly. This also protects the product from being exposed to the outside environment.

      Sometimes this is referred to as ‘flipping the sticker’, or a ‘mirrored cut’.


      All of our stickers are posted using strong and durable postal tubes or hardbacked envelopes which are recyclable and made from biodegradable cardboard.

      Postal tube lids and any staples used are generally recyclable. Lid sticker labels are generally not recyclable.

      We recommend checking with your local recycling guidance to be sure.

      Dispatch time

      We process/dispatch all orders the next working day. Our working days are Monday to Friday. (Subject to bank holidays and any other store closures.)

      Orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be dispatched on the following Monday.

      Delivery time

      Once your order is dispatched you can use the following information as a guide for how long each shipping service will take to arrive. For the latest pricing please visit our shipping page.

      We use Royal Mail for our shipping. Royal Mail’s working days are Monday to Saturday. The following information uses Royal Mail’s delivery aims and does not count the 1 working day that is required by us to process your order.

      UK Shipping is FAST & FREE via Royal Mail 1st Class (1-2 Working days delivery aim).

      European Shipping is via Royal Mail International Tracked (3-5 Working days delivery aim).

      Worldwide Shipping* is via Royal Mail International Tracked (3-7 Working days delivery aim).

      For the UK we also offer Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm (Guaranteed by 1pm next working day).

      *We no longer ship to Germany or Poland as both have strict packaging registers that require additional document filing and include participation fees which is not economically viable for a small business such as ours.

      Late delivery

      Please be aware that occasionally items may get delayed or lost whilst they are being delivered to you. This is unfortunately beyond our control but we will always work with our customers to resolve these issues.

      Should your item(s) not arrive, or your decal(s) arrive damaged/unusable, please contact us and we will try our best to help.

      Customs and import charges

      If you are purchasing from outside of the UK we will fill out any applicable customs forms but it’s your responsibility to check which customs and import charges may apply and to pay them. Before buying an item, we advise checking with your country’s customs office for specific details.

      Import charges may include:

      • Sales, goods, and services
      • Value-added taxes
      • Duties
      • Tariffs
      • Excise taxes
      • Other amounts assessed or levied by any government authority in connection with the importation of goods into the applicable country of importation
      • Third-party brokerage fees (including advancement and disbursement charges as well as customs brokers’ handling and filing fees)
      • Penalties
      • Classification charges associated with the assignment of a Harmonized System (HS) classification code
      • Charges for export compliance screening and verification and the assignment of an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
      • Charges relating to the management of variances between the quoted import charges and actual costs

      What you will receive

      Our stickers come with a paper/clear transfer film pre-installed for easy fitting in one go as opposed to sticking on separate pieces individually. We include instructions with every order that covers the basics of fitting stickers. Sunstrips do not come with a transfer film as they are made from one piece of vinyl. Our online how to fit guide contains even more information.

      What you can stick our stickers to

      Our stickers will stick to any smooth painted surface or any glass that is thoroughly cleaned and free from dust, dirt, grime and grease. e.g. smooth walls, windows, toolboxes, cars, tractors, trucks or panels.

      Do not fit our stickers on freshly painted surfaces. We recommend waiting at least 30 days before fitting any stickers to allow the paint to fully cure and off-gas.

      Please note our stickers are not suitable for any textured surfaces. This includes textured/wallpapered walls, surfaces that contain rust, lacquer peel or other paint damage, as well as some textured/bare plastics commonly used in vehicle interiors.

      Tips & Other important information

      Cleaning and drying the surface is the MOST IMPORTANT part of fitting any sticker. Just like painting, It’s all in the prep!

      Glass surfaces are even harder to clean thoroughly. Spend extra time cleaning and drying the glass before fitting.

      Room temperature is ideal for fitting decals. Fitting stickers in the cold or onto cold surfaces is not recommended. Do not fit stickers in temperatures below +10°C.

      If fitting outside or in lower temperatures, try to do so in direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can provide a small amount of heat to the surface beforehand with a heat gun or hairdryer. Heating the decal again just before removing the transfer film can greatly improve adhesion and will allow the transfer film to peel away cleanly.

      Creases and crinkles in the transfer film that can occur when stickers are shipped in a tube will not show up when the sticker is applied. These are in the transfer film and not the vinyl itself.

      Large stickers and Sunstrips can be made easier to hold and fit with two people.

      Stickers are not reusable once removed. Make sure you are happy with the position before fitting. If removed properly they should leave little to no residue behind. Using a heat gun or hairdryer can make removing stickers easier.

      It is not advised to fit stickers to poorly prepped paint. Even if the paint is fully cured, the sticker may still take paint with it when removed if the paint job was low quality or the surface was not properly prepared.

      If you are not sure about something

      If you are unsure of how to fit your decal or sunstrip please see our how to fit guide or else we would recommend contacting your local signwriter/professional to fit it for you. If you have any additional questions for us just get in touch through our contact page. We will gladly try to help you!

      Returns & Refunds Policy

      Our returns and refund policy lasts 60 days from your purchase. You will be responsible for paying any shipping costs to return your item(s) unless the order arrives damaged or not as described.

      If your order arrives damaged or not as described we would ask you to take clear photographs as soon as possible showing any damage to the item(s) or packaging and then contact us. Provide your order number and a brief description of the issue. We may be able to resolve this without needing you to return any item(s).

      If your order arrives free from damage and as described you can see our returns & refunds page for further information about returning item(s) for an exchange or refund. When returning any item(s) we strongly recommend getting some form of proof of postage.

      We do not offer refunds for improper fitting. If you are not sure about installing stickers or sunstrips please see our how to fit guide or contact your local signwriter/professional for assistance.

      *Customised/Personalised item(s) are exempt from being returned as well as Gift cards and Store credit.

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