We’re donating 10% of all sales to NHS Charities Together

It is an unprecedented time with the current COVID-19 situation. In the UK, NHS staff and volunteers are working tirelessly around the clock to care for patients with COVID-19 and we want to support them.

So, backdating from the start of the UK Lockdown on the 23rd of March and going forward until the end of the UK Lockdown, we have decided to donate 10% of all website sales revenue to the NHS Charities COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. This only applies to sales made on Decaliber.com and does not cover our eBay store.

We are incredibly grateful for the work all of our NHS heroes are putting in right now and as a small business we are also thankful to be allowed to continue to operate and receive continued support from our customers. So this is why we wanted to give back – even if it’s only a little in the grand scheme of things, it all adds up.

If you want to find out more information about the NHS Charities COVID-19 Urgent Appeal or donate yourself you can do so by clicking here.

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.


– Decaliber Team

Update: 24th of April 2020


Thanks to all of the sales from our customers we’ve been able to donate £150 to NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. We are so grateful for your continued support throughout this time and it is amazing that we can give back even this small amount to help support NHS staff across the UK.


Update: 11th of June 2020


We have been able to donate another £150 to NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. Once again it is amazing for us to be able to help at all. NHS Charities together has raised a whopping £123,783,709 in total as of writing which is helping NHS staff, volunteers and those most affected by the outbreak across the UK.


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