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      We’ve updated our site to with the goal to make it faster, easier to use and a little easier on the eyes!

      Here is a list of notable improvements and additions:

      • Faster page load time
      • More menu navigation options
      • Faster search results load time
      • Visual swatch colour selector
      • News section for the latest updates on sales, new product releases and other important information.
      • Newsletter for those who would like to receive exclusive discounts, sale alerts and new product release notifications.
      • More footer navigation options
      • Shipping, Returns & Refunds, How to fit guide and FAQs pages have all been updated to be clearer and more helpful.
      • Mobile users now have easier access to product filters at the top of their page in a toggleable button.
      • Whole site has been optimized for mobile devices to be easier to navigate and use.
      • Checkout process has been made easier to follow. It has been styled to prioritise important information and make that info stand out more.
      • Updated Privacy & Cookie Policies to be easier to understand and clearer.
      • …plus a tonne of other small changes to make the site faster and easier to use.

      We’ve been working on this for a while now and hope the transition is smooth for you, but with all new projects you may encounter some bugs or issues when using the site. If you spot anything that isn’t working as expected or have feedback please let us know.

      So here is the key takeaway: Our website is now way faster, easier to read, and more user-friendly. We are very proud of this redesign and hope you like it too!

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